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Microblading Practice & Why It's Important

Practice makes perfect is not just a saying.. it's a fact. While learning to Microblade you are instructed to practice your work on latex. This is the most crucial of your training. Not only are you preparing yourself for working on live skin, you're hands are learning muscle memory and getting stronger. You will notice when you first start out, your hands and fingers are sore, after time.. it'll be like second nature. But, if you stop practicing, you will lose the muscle memory, as well as hand strength. Latex practice should be part of your daily routine. Whenever you can, get some practice in. Make sure you practice with a High quality & reliable tool, for example, BTCH & CO NANO FLEX, I suggest it be the same tool you will do live procedures with. High quality latex, such as BTCH & CO, is a crucial part of having a great and accurate result. Latex Practice also gives you the ability to get creative with new patterns, new shapes, and shading (manual or machine). Even as an Certified Artist, I practice every day. It's a ritual. It's also a bit of ASMR or soothing for me, to just zone out and blade! Make a commitment to be the best, and live your best brow life!